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Hazelnut In-Shell

Raw Kernels

Roasted Blanched Whole

Roasted Chopped/Diced

Natural Chopped

Roasted Sliced

Hazelnut Paste 100%

Roasted Meal and Blanched (Powder)

Raw Meal

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Hazelnut Kernels In-Shell 15 mm/UP, 17 mm/UP, 18 mm/UP
Raw Hazelnut Kernels 9/11 mm, 10/11 mm, 11/13 mm, 12/13 mm, 12/14 mm, 13/15 mm
Roasted/Blanched Whole 10/12 mm, 11/13 mm, 12/13 mm,
Hazelnut Kernels 12/14 mm, 13/15 mm
Roasted Chopped/Diced Hazelnut Kernels 1-2 mm, 2-3 mm, 3-5 mm, 4-6 mm, 2-7 mm, 5-7 mm, 6-9 mm,
7-11 mm, and special sizes
Roasted Sliced Hazelnut Kernels 1.50/3.50 mm and special sizes
Roasted Meal/Powder 0-2 mm
Natural Chopped Hazelnut Kernels 2-4 mm, 1.5/3 mm and special sizes
Natural (Raw) Meal 0-3 mm
Natural Sliced 0.8/1.0 mm, 1/1,2 mm and special sizes
Hazelnut Paste 30 Micron to 120 micron, dark, medium, light color